We have stocks for renting a wide range of power and featured audio systems that you can use to create the appropriate ambiance for your show-weighted organizations, such as a speech enhancer in all meetings, presentations, congress and seminar organizations, or press releases.

1) Speaker Types


2) Sound Mixers
Soundcraft, Montarbo, Yamaha

3) Hand and Neck Wireless Microphones
Sennheiser, Shure, AKG

4) Lectern Microphones
AKG, Sennheiser

5) Wired Microphones

6) Delegate Microphones

7) CD Player & Dect Tape
Ses Kaydı

8) Press Mixer
Ensures clearer sound from cameras at press conferences and prevents microphone pollution

inCH; quality, dynamic, clean voice is aware of the importance of the organization. The microphone capsules deliver clean, high-quality sound. Thanks to the high-precision, capacitive, head ban, light (smart) delegate microphones, a large number of microphones can be connected to establish a delegate system for the session.

inCH, wireless handheld microphone, wireless lapel microphone, lectern microphone are all aware of the importance of audio equipment in meeting equipment.

inCH, the handheld wireless microphone that the charter service provides, the collar type wireless microphone systems are especially careful to have more channel numbers. Prevention of the interference signals on the receiver and transmitter units and the simultaneous interpretation personnel are paying attention to the "clean sound" and "quality sound" of the voice going into the meeting room where the interpreter and the event are held.

The indispensable equipments of meeting events such as inCH, congress, seminar, symposium, conference are taking care of spare batteries by considering the usage times of radio handheld microphone and wireless lapel microphone systems and talk time of speakers.

9) Simultaneous Translation Systems, What is Simultaneous Translation?

Simultaneous interpretation is the simultaneous translation service provided by specially trained interpreters, special sound systems and interpreter rooms in large scale organizations where the number of participants is high. In this service option, the interpreter does not wait for the speaker to interrupt for translation, while he / she is listening while translating what he / she perceives to the listener. Our simultaneous translation systems, which you will need at meetings where speakers in different languages ​​are needed, are the Sennheiser brand, which operates with the ISO certificate and the most preferred IR system. We can serve up to 8 languages ​​and 10 headphones to 1000 headphones.

10) DJ and DJ Equipment

  • At national and international events
  • Open-air parties
  • University festivals
  • At festivals
  • Live live performances of domestic and foreign famous DJs in youth organizations.
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